Range of Motion Clinical Bodywork, Integrative Massage and Structural Bodywork Services

Range of Motion Clinical Bodywork, Integrative Massage: ClinicalClinical Bodywork Appointments

The focus of our Clinical Bodywork sessions is freeing you from pain. This is specific and focused work and although very relaxing, is often very deep and slow-paced for optimal comfort and effectiveness. I use advanced soft-tissue techniques: assisted and positional stretching, structural bodywork, trigger point therapy, myoskeletal alignment and muscle energy techniques to restore pain-free movement and function to your body. Communication is requested to ensure a pain-free session. No pain is more gain.

This is the most effective choice for those experiencing conditions like:
● chronic low back pain, sciatica and bulging discs
● tingling and numbness in hands
● chronic neck pain, whiplash or “crick” in the neck
● tension headaches or TMJ disorder
● degenerative disc disease
● plantar fasciitis
● residual pain or decreased mobility following injury/surgery
● knee or leg pain, tendonitis, golfers or tennis elbow


Range of Motion Clinical Bodywork, Integrative Massage: StructuralStructural Bodywork Appointments

The goal of our structural bodywork sessions is to restore musculoskeletal symmetry and balance to your body in order to prevent chronic tension and strain patterns from becoming pain patterns. This work uses postural assessment to locate and bodywork to lengthen the “locked short” muscles and fascia, decompress joints for fluid movement and counter the effects of poor posture, prolonged sitting (driving or cycling) and compensatory  imbalances from past injuries.

Recommended for pain prevention and:
● athletes seeking improved performance, flexibility, efficiency and fluidity of movement
● those with forward posture, driving or desk jobs who want to prevent chronic neck and back pain
● decompressing discs and restoring natural curve to “military necks” and “flat” lumbar spines
● helping shift the weight of the body off of chronically tense and exhausted muscles and up onto your skeleton
● balancing uneven hips and correcting functional leg length differences


Range of Motion Clinical Bodywork, Integrative Massage: Massage“90 min. Vacation” Integrative Massage Appointments

During this treatment I spend a portion of our time addressing any specific areas of concern and the remaining time working  generally with the rest of your body. I blend elements of Swedish Massage, myofascial and assisted stretching, energy work, clinical neuromuscular and structural bodywork into a seamless and flowing session with your priorities and goals in mind. Light to moderately deep pressure with minimal to no communication requested to ensure your comfort, desired depth of work and ability to bliss out.

Great for:
● general maintenance
● over-all stress
● fibromyalgia
● post traumatic stress disorder
● insomnia
● hypertension
● depression
● those with occasional aches and pains who want to be pro-active about their well-being
● those who just want a break, time to relax into their bodies, meditate and be in their internal healing space

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