What do you charge for your time?
Our rate is $65 for the first hour and $60 an hour for additional time:How do I get the most out of my massage?
60 min. sessions $65
90 min. sessions $95
2 hr. sessions $125 (You will get a bathroom break if needed during longer sessions)
2.5 hr. sessions $155
3hr. sessions $180

What should I wear to my session and how far do I need to undress?
Dress comfortably and undress to your level of comfort. Because many sessions require open access to your back and legs, I generally ask that clients undress to their lower underwear. If you are more comfortable wearing nothing or don’t wear underwear, that is fine too (I will leave the room while you undress and get under the sheets, and will only uncover the area being worked on). Either way you will be properly draped in accordance with NC law and I will always be considerate of your modesty (comfortable, loose shorts and backless bras can be worn during session if you prefer).

How long of a session is best for me?
This depends on what your goals are for the session.  I recommend 90 minutes or more. An hour is enough time for general relaxation or focused work with one specific concern. I offer longer sessions, allowing time for thorough, unhurried work and for your muscles and tissues  to “reset” to their new length. Long sessions promote quicker, longer lasting results and deeper more meaningful relaxation. Clients experiencing pain and high stress tend to get better results receiving longer sessions less frequently than shorter sessions more frequently. For example: (2) two-hour sessions per month are generally more effective than (4) one-hour sessions per month. If seeing results is your priority, opt for the longer sessions. It will save you money in the long run (the rate per minute rate decreases the longer the session and increased effectiveness requires fewer visits).

How do I get the most out of my massage?
If possible, give yourself plenty of time for your session. This way you’re not feeling hurried or stressed when you arrive and it’s nice to have some free time for a short walk and/or nap after a session for your body and mind to integrate the work we did before returning to your daily activities.

Being well hydrated the day before, day of, and day after your massage is helpful for many reasons, and will greatly decrease the chances of residual muscle soreness after deep work.

Refrain from alcohol, caffeine or large meals beforehand (a light meal 2-3 hours before a session is great). This will help you to relax more easily and be more comfortable during our session.

Observe your body for a day or two before coming in for your body work. If you have pain, what movements or activities seem seem to aggravate it? What activities or positions make it feel better? Do you tend to stand with more of your body weight on one foot, or always sleep with your head turned turned to the same side? Paying attention to your body like this increases your own self awareness, ability to help yourself and provides me with valuable information for our work together.

Communicate with me about the pressure. This is especially important during the clinical and structural work. This enables me to work with your “perfect pressure” the whole time, so I can be as effective as possible and ensure your comfort during and after our session.

Completing your intake form before our first visit is helpful. Scanning and emailing it back to me a day or few before our session is ideal for a smooth intake and your full time on the table. Printing, filling out and bringing it with you also works.

Be an advocate for yourself and your body! If you’re having a hard time relaxing into the pressure, say “less” and I will adjust accordingly. No pain is more gain.

Control the pressure with 3 words: If you want more pressure say “more“. If you want less pressure say “less“. If the pressure causes some tension to build up in your nervous system, but it feels good and you can relax into it, just say “good“. This is the most effective pressure at which to work. Please speak clearly and I will adjust accordingly (then you can comfortably drift back to where you were…) If it is important to you to have no talking during your session, that is fine. Just make it clear to me before the session and know that without communication I will listen to your tissue and always lean to the side of safety.

If you still have questions, feel free to contact me.