About Us

Hello! My name is Travis Jackson, LMBT #4393.

Travis Jackson,LMBT#4393 is a North Carolina native who traveled for several years during which he received an Associates Degree in Fine Art at the Colorado Mountain College in Glenwood Springs (with advanced studies in snowboarding, hiking and camping). Finding he missed theĀ  friendly pace and lushness of the Blue Ridge mountains, he moved to Asheville.

Honoring a life-long interest in energy work and manual therapy, Travis received his initial massage certification from The Center for Massage and Natural Health here in Asheville in 2003. He worked as a massage therapist for seven years in a Chiropractic office and a handful in spas and clinics.

He continued his education at the North Carolina School of Advanced Bodywork in Fairview, NC with an extensive course of study in Clinical Neuromuscular Therapy and Structural Bodywork.

Travis has over 1100 hours of training in the healing arts, over 10,000 of hours of hands-on experience and volunteers weekly with Arms Around ASD, serving families with members on the autism spectrum.

He lives in West Asheville with his wife, children, dog and four cats.

Joe Lewellin,LMBT#12980 is an energetic and attentive massage therapist who strives for structural results as well as somatic release and relaxation. He has training in and blends many modalities such as deep tissue, NMT(trigger point therapy), Thai Yoga Massage and Reiki.

Joe Lewellin is a large therapist with hands to match and is in a unique position to apply very deep pressure and can pull you apart in a way that you never have been pulled apart before. His method is very firm, broad, deep, slow and intentional with an ability to be very specific.

As a father of two young daughters, his daily activities may include family band practice, hammock hanging, shooting bows and arrows, getting pedicures and empowering the next generation of humans.

Joe was born and raised in Minnesota, has been living in Asheville since 2012 and voluteers weekly with Arms Around ASD.