Range of Motion Clinical Bodywork and Massage West Asheville


Welcome! Thanks for visiting Range of Motion Clinical Bodywork and Massage.  Conveniently located just outside of downtown Asheville we provide result-oriented Massage and Bodywork with a focus on improving function, range of motion and decreasing pain.



Our first priority is working safely and within your comfort zone. We guarantee our work and if you feel we have not been helpful or made any condition worse 3 days after the session…we will return your money.





Range of Motion Massage West AshevilleYou can expect attentive sessions specifically designed for your needs. We have studied many forms of massage and
bodywork, love to do energy work and also offer full length Reiki sessions.



Among the many conditions your massage can improve:

  • tingling/numbness in hands
  • sciatica
  • headaches
  • plantar fasciitis
  • neck/shoulder pain
  • bulging disc/low back pain
  • anxiety/depression

Range of Motion Structural Massage West Asheville


It is my true joy assisting you to improve your range of motion on your journey through life.

Get in touch with me and we will book a time that works with your schedule.




My name is K.G. and 2 months ago I hurt my back pushing a car with 3 women in it. Bulging disc at L5, L1 and sciatic nerve. The emergency room gave me pain pills, which I did not want. A spine clinic gave me 2 shots which helped some, then was sent for chiropractic which made it worse. Tried acupuncture which helped a lot, but still needed a cane to walk. Finally a customer told me about Travis. After the first time I went there I felt 100% better and no more cane! After the second visit 2 weeks later, I was back at the gym! Travis is my hero, God bless him, you must try him to believe his healing touch.

Khalid G., Asheville area store owner